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  • Cash Cabin

    Cabin for the disinfection of cash counting machines   Cabins made for the disinfection of banknote counters and counted tickets. Turn on the machine and work normally, the cabin will take care of the rest. All the tickets counted are disinfected. The ion generator is mounted on the front of the machine along with the fan. In this way the air and ion output points to the mouth of the banknote counter and thus disinfecting the banknotes when counting.   Joint operation – The banknote counter is plugged into the disinfection booth and so every time the meter counts, the booth begins to disinfect 100% safe process – plasma ionisation disinfection is 100% safe for people Validated by 3 independent laboratories – The disinfection efficacy of our products has been validated by 3 independent laboratories in Bulgaria, Turkey and India

    Intelligent Change Dispensing Machine The intelligent change machine that covers the needs of companies that have couriers or drivers.   Custom dispensing – Intelligent exchange machine, choose the denominations and quantities of the desired change Dispensing on credit – Option of dispensing to credit, authorizes users to have a credit and dispense their change from the Own application – Own software developed for the use of this machine, adaptable and very complete application

    Contadora valorizadora de billetes transportable con asa
    Contadora - Valorizadora de billetes por sistema de fricción. Puede procesar un fajo de billetes mezclados. Con display gráfico que permite mostrar mensajes al operador Máquina Transportable - Máquina  ligera con asa para ser transportada fácilmente   Interface amigable - Display TFT de 7 pulgadas con controles sencillos   Calidad/Precio Inmejorable - Maquina apta para un uso moderado a un precio muy competitivo .

    Banknote sorter Two-station banknote valorizer using Image Recognition Technology along with all current techniques for counterfeit detection Higher Operations - How to separate a denomination from the rest Updatable Software-Facilitates software and denomination updates. Self-Diagnostic Software - Facilitates maintenance
  • ECC 02

    Portable coin sorter with carrying handle Transportable and robust coin sorter of German manufacture. The machine incorporates a robust handle and output to 5 drawers. Very reliable machine thanks to its driving brush that gets rid of the dirt of the coins and suffers less wear.   Transportable machine – Robust handle for the transport of the machine Fast- ECC-02 counts and classifies 1500 coins per minute Counts and classifies 5 denominations – The machine has output to 5 integrated drawers.
  • Express Cabin

    Quick object disinfection booth Disinfection booth by plasma ionization method. As its name suggests, the Express cab is designed to disinfect objects quickly. Thanks to its compact size, it fits on any table or bar and is very easy to place. Rapid Disinfection – Express Cabin disinfection cycles are only 3 minutes 100% Safe – Plasma ionisation disinfection is completely safe for people Validated by 3 independent laboratories – The disinfection efficacy of our products has been validated by 3 independent laboratories in Bulgaria, Turkey and India  
  • HYUNDAI IH-110

    Robust banknote counting machine counting valuing banknotes from a pocket. Robust and powerful machine with 3 detection methods. 3 counting methods – The machine can count mixed names, count the processed units and classify a single denomination with stoppages. Certified by the ECB – Machine certified and suitable to work with the Euro Delivered with 3 currencies enabled  – Euro, GBP, US Dollar
  • HYUNDAI IH-210

    3-POCKET BANKNOTE SORTER Three-pocket banknote sorter with a compact design of up to 32 denominations and 16 mixed denominations. Compact size with 3 pockets – saves space and minimizes movements related to cash treatment Advanced security technologies – Thanks to its color and false sensor numbers, the IH-210 provides a high level of security for up to 32 mixed designations. Easy-to-use system – thanks to its simple software and 5-inch touchscreen with adjustable angle, the IH-210 is a very easy machine to use.
  • IBEX 20

    Transportable electric coin counter Transportable Machine – Light and easy to transport thanks to its hopper lid and handle 4-digit display -Visualize the total amount counted Diameter counting method – Reliable counting technique