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  • IBEX 20

    Transportable electric coin counter Transportable Machine – Light and easy to transport thanks to its hopper lid and handle 4-digit display -Visualize the total amount counted Diameter counting method – Reliable counting technique
  • IFX Serie i200

    Ticket sorter and TITO from two stations reliable at 99.99% Fast, reliable and easy to use, the most practical two-pocket sorter on the market. Lowest number of rejections in the industry -Enjoy your fast count without interruption. Two very functional pockets -Increases the productivity of operators. Banknotes and TITO – Don't waste time sorting notes.
  • IFX Serie i400

    NOTE AND TITO SORTER  Banknote and TITO sorters up to 17 pockets faster and more compact than ever! Configurable Pockets – Gain versatility by modifying the number of pockets. 20" touch screen – Very friendly user software. A continuous loading Hopper – No need to finish sorting the tickets placed to place more
  • iH100

    Banknote and Tito counting machine    Certified by the ECB, suitable for sustained use of banknote counting or TITO. Interim process to be equipped with rejection drawer.   Banknotes and TITO – Thanks to its high-performance scanner, the titrative counter can porcesar Rejection Pocket – Uninterrupted count thanks to the rejection pocket Robusta Machine – Banknote titrating machine suitable for sustained use.
  • JETSORT 1000

    High-speed coin sorter High-speed coin sorter: inertia sorting, allows dirty currency to work better, expel dirt out of the plate, achieve higher veleities for sustained use, has no detection   Powerful sorter – The machine clssifies coins at a rate of 2200 coins per minute Easy operation – Has a full keyboard and large screen Scheduled stoppages – Scheduled stoppages for each type of currency Compact size – Powerful sorter with small size that fits on any desktop
  • JETSORT 4000

    High-speed sorter with built-in design High-speed coin sorter with 4500 coins per minute capable of meeting the highest cash treatment needs.   Powerful sorter – The machine classifies coins at a rate of 4500 coins per minute Easy operation -Has a full keyboard and large screen Scheduled stoppages – Exact programmable strikes for each currency denomination

    The most powerful sorter The most powerful coin sorting counter with a counting speed of up to 5000 coins per minute. Able to withstand the need for higher effective treatment with a reliability level of 99.995%. Perfect machine for vending companies, cash transport and financial institutions.   Very powerful sorter – Coin sorter with a speed of 5000 coins per minute Displays the counted quantity. Programmable Stoppages – Exact stoppages for each denomination
  • MIB-11 (+TITO)

    Two-tray banknote sorter and tito Korean-made TITO and banknote sorter perfect for a gaming hall or collection center where tito tickets need to be processed. Compact -Machine of compact size compared to its characteristics and speed 40 currencies available – The machine comes with an availability to choose from 40 currencies Banknotes and TITO – Don't waste time sorting cheques.