point of sale


Kiosc for order and automatic payment. The equipment incorporates facial recognition as a way to identify the buyer at the point of payment and collection, as well as its own components and software. 100% integrable and customizable manufacturer's software.

Cash Machines represents the manufacturer of the most advanced payment kiosks on the market. The recycling modules for coins and banknotes are self-made, ensuring optimized component integration.

Can be Integrated

customizable for the customer

Multiple payment methods

They accept coins and notes of multiple denominations in addition to credit cards and NFC and mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Increases the quality of service

It frees workers from serving customers and thus improves the customer experience by increasing the quality of service.

Facial recognition

With the innovative facial recognition process, the Masterworks kiosk is able to identify the customer at the point of payment and the collection point for a smooth process.

Eliminates unknown loss

Eliminate ordering errors and unknown loss by hiring the perfect employee who never makes a mistake and never forgets to sell add-ons and additional items.

Integrable with home delivery applications

Integrate your kiosk with home delivery apps like Deliveroo

Mobile app

Enjoy constant access with the Masterworks mobile application, check the status of the machine from the comfort of your home.

Multiple Accessories

Complete food ordering, payment, and preparation automation with Masterworks kiosk accessories