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    Intelligent Change Dispensing Machine The intelligent change machine that covers the needs of companies that have couriers or drivers.   Custom dispensing – Intelligent exchange machine, choose the denominations and quantities of the desired change Dispensing on credit – Option of dispensing to credit, authorizes users to have a credit and dispense their change from the Own application – Own software developed for the use of this machine, adaptable and very complete application

    8-denomination classifier with false detection Coin sorting counter with 8 outputs with classification system by graveded with detection of false by diameter, grosure and alloy.   8 Denominations with 8 outputs – Value a set of 8 mixed coins Unbeatable Quality / Price – Powerful and vertatil machine at a range entry price Versatile Machine – accumulates partial accounts and allows to have different totals in absolute value and by denomination.  
  • HYUNDAI IH-110

    Robust banknote counting machine counting valuing banknotes from a pocket. Robust and powerful machine with 3 detection methods. 3 counting methods – The machine can count mixed names, count the processed units and classify a single denomination with stoppages. Certified by the ECB – Machine certified and suitable to work with the Euro Delivered with 3 currencies enabled  – Euro, GBP, US Dollar
  • HYUNDAI IH-210

    3-POCKET BANKNOTE SORTER Three-pocket banknote sorter with a compact design of up to 32 denominations and 16 mixed denominations. Compact size with 3 pockets – saves space and minimizes movements related to cash treatment Advanced security technologies – Thanks to its color and false sensor numbers, the IH-210 provides a high level of security for up to 32 mixed designations. Easy-to-use system – thanks to its simple software and 5-inch touchscreen with adjustable angle, the IH-210 is a very easy machine to use.
  • iH100

    Banknote and Tito counting machine    Certified by the ECB, suitable for sustained use of banknote counting or TITO. Interim process to be equipped with rejection drawer.   Banknotes and TITO – Thanks to its high-performance scanner, the titrative counter can porcesar Rejection Pocket – Uninterrupted count thanks to the rejection pocket Robusta Machine – Banknote titrating machine suitable for sustained use.
  • JETSORT 1000

    High-speed coin sorter High-speed coin sorter: inertia sorting, allows dirty currency to work better, expel dirt out of the plate, achieve higher veleities for sustained use, has no detection   Powerful sorter – The machine clssifies coins at a rate of 2200 coins per minute Easy operation – Has a full keyboard and large screen Scheduled stoppages – Scheduled stoppages for each type of currency Compact size – Powerful sorter with small size that fits on any desktop
  • JETSORT 4000

    High-speed sorter with built-in design High-speed coin sorter with 4500 coins per minute capable of meeting the highest cash treatment needs.   Powerful sorter – The machine classifies coins at a rate of 4500 coins per minute Easy operation -Has a full keyboard and large screen Scheduled stoppages – Exact programmable strikes for each currency denomination

    The most powerful sorter The most powerful coin sorting counter with a counting speed of up to 5000 coins per minute. Able to withstand the need for higher effective treatment with a reliability level of 99.995%. Perfect machine for vending companies, cash transport and financial institutions.   Very powerful sorter – Coin sorter with a speed of 5000 coins per minute Displays the counted quantity. Programmable Stoppages – Exact stoppages for each denomination
  • MOON

    High speed sorter High-speed coin sorting accountant suitable for sustained-intensive counting use. Rail sorting system makes it perfect for sectors with dirt on coins such as Vending Easy maintenance – Access the inside of the machine with ease Better currency control – Thanks to your counting and counting the currency at the time of the fall Adaptable system – Has 5 languages, 5 users and internal control code